"Every Wedding that I have attended and thats over 800 has been unique... to have had that privilege to be the person creating wonderful memories is not lost on me. These images become your lasting legacy for you to look back on with joy."

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Power of Black and White

"I have often been asked what makes a good photograph? For me it's when you evoke an emotion in the viewer. I love this image of Sam arriving at her wedding it sums up just how she is feeling and we can share in that moment."

Power of tone of colour

 "Colour can be the making of the emotion... This is Sharlene and her face says it all as she is awaits her bride. The colour of the straw I think adds to her overall joy."

"What makes a good wedding photographer great? Well that can be many things. I try to ensure that I blend in, that I know my couples their likes and more importantly their dislikes. If you want photographs being held aloft by your groomsmen then it's best you move on to another. I am not saying that doesn't make a great photo I'm just saying as a documentary photographer I'd shoot it if it happened live but I wouldn't go out of my way to set up staged photographs because as you can see there's really no need to every wedding day is full of beautiful moments my job is to capture them and pass them down as your legacy."

Why wedding photography is so important.